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Saturday, April 2, 2011

26 Weeks Check-In

Holy cow, how have I gotten to this point so quickly?? In less than 14 short weeks, my boys will be in my arms. I have my moments where I am just so excited and can barely stand it until they're here, but then I think of all we have to do before they get here, and I'm like "Whoa, okay, time, you can slow down!"

This past Tuesday we had a second growth u/s and I was so excited to see my boys again. They have changed positions, which is crazy to me! A couple of weekends ago, I thought that Baby B was laying vertically now and I was right! Both he and Baby A are vertical, with A being head down and B's head being right at my ribs. The doctor says their growth is perfect and that both are big babies! Baby A weighs 2lbs 4oz and Baby B weights 2lbs 2oz! He also says that Baby A being head down is a good indicator that I will not have to have a c-section. I really hope that's true!

Most of you know I'm a pretty active member of The Bump. I often talk about the friendships I've formed and how grateful I am for these ladies. This past week really proved to me that just because you've never met someone in real life, doesn't mean you can't care for them like you would a regular friend. Two of the July mommies-to-be welcomed their precious babies into the world. One had a baby girl named Addyson at 23 weeks and the other was a fellow Twin Mommy, who had Grayson and Audrey at 24 weeks. These babies have such a long road ahead of them and I have spent so much of my time thinking about them this week. I can't imagine the emotions my fellow Bumpies are feeling when they see their babies. I have caught myself complaining so much lately about how much my hips/tailbone hurt, how tired I am or how I just absolutely feel like they are about to rip me in two when they're moving. But, I would take all of that pain and discomfort, if it means they'll stay in there until it's time for them to be here. The girls on the July board are taking up donations for both of the moms and doing all they can to show their support. We may all have our differences in opinions, but when it comes to helping out a fellow Bumpie in need, we all pull together. So, ladies, if you're reading this and have a few seconds, please send some prayers up for the two ladies and their families. Thank you!

Well, that's all for now! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Inveitable Crash.

I'm exhausted. All my energy from this weekend has left me and all I have to show for it is an extremely sore back. Is it 5:00 yet? I wanna go home. :(

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's this? Energy??

Where has this sudden burst of energy I've encountered this weekend come from? My entire pregnancy I have had zero energy and could sleep for days on end. Our poor apartment has suffered for it, too. I've never been the neatest or cleanest person, but I always kept everything put away (at least when we were having company). Now, there are just piles and piles of stuff everywhere, my cabinets and fridge are a mess, I'm behind on my laundry (no end in sight, I feel) and the dust has set up permanent residence. I'd be at work and think "Tonight, I'm cleaning. I'm going to do this and I'm going to do that." And the minute my lazy rear end walked through my door, I hit the couch and didn't move for the entire evening. I hated it and felt so ashamed anytime someone would come over and there'd be dishes in the sink or floors hadn't been vacuumed.

However, this weekend? It's the complete opposite. I've only had a few hours of sleep and one lousy attempt at a nap and I've had all kinds of energy! The only thing holding me back from really going at it, are the BHs and my back pain! There's still tons of things to do, like laundry because under no circumstances am I to lift the laundry basket, carry it down the steps and down to the basement. I have sorted through the piles of mail we had and they are now divided into keep, shred and things I can just throw away! The downstairs bathroom is clean and I just finished sorting through my "Pampered Chef corner". I've cleaned under the kitchen sink, but now the back pain has me planted on the couch. There are things sitting everywhere that need to be thrown away or put somewhere.  Have you ever noticed that? You tackle a mess and when you're done, you have an even bigger mess?

The boys have had tons of energy this weekend, as well! Last night one of them was moving so fast and so much, that I thought my stomach was going to rip apart! Kevin kept going "Oh, that was a hard kick! I really felt that one!" It was so sweet, but I just couldn't help but think "This hurts!!" haha!

When Kevin gets up, we're supposed to be going to see his grandparents. That's the plan, but I doubt we're going since he stayed up all night watching basketball and playing Xbox w/ the guys. I don't get how they all do it!

Well, I hope you ladies had a great weekend! :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

25 Week Check-In

Happy Saturday ladies! I've spent my day organizing and cleaning, as much as I can anyway. It's hard doing things trying to stay seated and no move too much. I have sorted through our mail/bills that had formed a huge pile on our end table and now have a huge pile to shred! I also cleaned our half-bathroom downstairs. Tonight Kevin and I are going to start sorting through some clothes and other items we have upstairs for a yardsale the bank is having next weekend. Let's hope I don't over do it!

Here's this week's survey! I only take a bump pic every two weeks, so no picture this week! :)

How far along? 25 Weeks
Weight gain/loss: I would say around +25 pounds. I don't weigh myself at home, so I go back what the doctor's scale says. But, I'm sure that's off a bit because I've always ate and drank a lot by the time I get there!
Maternity clothes? Definitely all maternity pants, but I can still fit in a few non-mat shirts.
Stretch marks? Sadly, yes. :( I've noticed a few new ones this week. I knew they'd show up, but it still sucked seeing them.
Sleep? Comes and goes. It's become very uncomfortable to sleep at night. I hurt like crazy!
Best moment this week? Hearing their heartbeats, even though it was because I was in L&D. It was so funny to hear them moving around in there!
Food cravings: Dirt cake. I may make a run to the store later to get the ingredients!
Gender: Two sweet little boys! :)
Belly button in or out? Flat. It'll be out before too long!
Movement? Tons and tons. Some days Baby B is moving so much, it actually gets kinda painful!
What I miss? Ibuprophen, no doubt. 
What I'm looking forward to: Seeing our boys Tuesday morning! 
Milestones: According to my Peri, the boys should be here no later than 38 weeks, which is June 25th! We now have less than three months to go!

Baby This Week:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Follow Up Appointment

Yesterday afternoon was my follow up appointment from my night in L&D. I was still having some cramps and was really worried when I went in. The doctor didn't check me to see if I was dilated, but he seemed confident that I wasn't. He said that the cramps I'm having are stretching/growing pains and that they'll be pretty severe since there are two kiddos in there (MillerTime, it made me think of you and your reminder to me that I'm carrying twins anytime I hurt!). He said that the urine analysis they took showed I wasn't dehydrated anymore, so that was a relief. He did tell me to take it easy and upon reading my discharge papers, I learned I'm on restricted activity. It said no exercising or lifting, minimal walking or stair climbing and things like that. He does want me back in two weeks to monitor me more closely. I don't know if this is for now because of the BHs or if they want to start my two week appointments earlier than normal because of the twins. Oh, he also measured my uterus and I'm measuring 31 weeks! Eek!

This was the first time I had met with this doctor and he was extremely nice. He seemed a lot more concerned than the other two doctors at my regular OB that I'm having twins. I go back to the perinatologist next week and I cannot wait to see the boys again!

Anyone else starting to freak out about the idea of what all we have to get done before our babies get here? I'm starting to come to terms with the fact that we may very well possibly have to bring the boys home to our current apartment. I do not like this at all, but I keep telling myself everything happens for a reason. This pregnancy has flown by and I know the boys will be here before I know it. I'm so excited but scared all at the same time. I like to think I'm a pretty responsible person, but this is a whole nother story. I mean, I'll have two little lives that depend on me and that's very intimidating! It'll be okay and hopefully my children won't be too damaged! haha!

Well, that's all for now! I hope you ladies are doing well! :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello 24 Weeks!

This past Saturday (3/20) was my 24 week pregnancy is now considered viable! Yay! I was so excited because I had had such an easy time thus far! I think I spoke too soon! haha! I started getting what felt like menstrual cramps around Friday afternoon. They lasted all weekend, but I just thought they were normal and didn't think too much about it. Yesterday morning they started about 7:30 or so and didn't let up. I e-mailed my doctor, thinking she'd just tell me to drink more water or rest. When she said I needed to come into Labor and Delivery as soon as I could, I got really nervous! I worked the rest of the day and went in around 5:30. When I got there, they hooked me up to the monitors to measure for contractions and get the boys' heart rates. They said my uterus was irritated, which meant I had either been contracting or I was going to soon. They checked to see if I was dilated, which I wasn't. They said I was dehydrated with a minor UTI and that's what was causing the braxton hicks. Not fifteen minutes later, the contractions picked up and were harder than they had been. It was so scary seeing that number rise on the monitor! They hooked me up to an IV with fluids and an antibiotic and then ended up having to give me a shot to stop them. I almost passed out twice! I don't know if it was the heat, the needles or what, but I was freaking out. The contractions stopped not long after they got me calmed down and they let me leave around midnight. Luckily, the contractions never caused my cervix to change, so the doctor is confident it's the dehydration and UTI that caused them. I'm keeping water with me at all times and just relaxing today. I go for a follow up tomorrow afternoon!

The whole time all of this was going on, the boys were moving like crazy! They did not like those monitors and kept kicking them. They finally took the monitors off because the boys kept moving away from them and they were practically useless. They did get a good reading in the first 30 minutes or so, so they felt it was okay to take them off. I was so scared and just kept telling myself everything was going to be okay. I was so relieved when they told me I could come home!

I had planned on doing the little survey at the end of this, but that turned out longer than I thought! Maybe I'll do it tomorrow? :)

Regardless, here's my 24 Week Bump Picture. I'm in lounge clothes and I'm not wearing any make-up because I had spent a lazy day w/ my sister and Emma! So, overlook that part! ;)

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thought I'd share!

One of the ladies on my month board on The Bump posted the following last night. I thought they were cute and I have bolded my favorites! haha!

Disclaimer: I merely posted this because I think it's funny not because I agree with everything said. I know that when some people do some of the following, they genuinely mean well. Also, I do not mind family and friends rubbing my belly one bit. So, if you're someone I know in real life, know that you can still rub my belly after this! ;)

Dear Non-Pregnant Person,

I hope you find these guidelines helpful in your interactions with pregnant women, as failing to follow them may result in serious physical harm. If you are thinking, surely she doesn’t mean me – then you should probably read this twice.

1. The appropriate response to a couple telling you they are having a baby is ‘Congratulations!’ with enthusiasm. Any other response makes you a jerk.

2. Through the wonders of science, we now know that babies are made ONLY by the mother and father – not grandparents. Unless the baby is in your uterus or you are the man that helped put it there, you may not ever use the phrase ‘my baby’.

3. On the same note, unless you made the baby as defined in 2, the pregnancy, birth, and raising of the child are not about you. You do not have input. No one wants to hear your opinion unless they ask for it…

4. The body of a pregnant woman should be treated the same as any other body. You would not randomly touch someone’s stomach if they were not pregnant, nor would you inquire into the condition of their uterus, cervix, or how they plan to use their breasts. Pregnancy does not remove all traces of privacy from a woman.

5. Likewise, no woman wants to hear comments on her weight…ever. A pregnant woman does not find it flattering that you think she is about is pop, must be having twins, looks swollen or has gained weight in her face. Telling her she looks too small only makes her worry that she is somehow starving her baby. Making such comments invite her to critique your physical appearance and you may not act offended. The only acceptable comment on appearance is ‘You look fabulous!’.

6. By the time we are 20-30 years old, most of us have picked up on the fact that the summer is hot. We are hot every summer when we are not pregnant. We don’t need you to point out that we will be miserably hot before the baby comes. Nor do we need to know how badly you will feel for us because we will be pregnant during the summer and how glad you are that YOU will not be pregnant this coming summer. Hearing this comment drives me nuts!

7. There is a reason that tickets to Labor & Delivery are not yet sold on Ticketmaster. Childbirth is actually not a public event. It may sound crazy, but some women really do not relish the idea of their mother, MIL, or a host of other family members seeing their bare butt and genitals. Also, some people simply feel like the birth of their child is a private and emotional moment to be shared only by the parents. You weren’t invited to be there when the baby was created, you probably won’t be invited to be there when it comes out either.

8. Like everything else in life, unless you receive an invitation, you are NOT invited. This includes doctor appointments, ultrasounds, labor, delivery, the hospital, and the parent’s home. You do not decide if you will be there for the birth or if you will move in with the new parents to ‘help out’. If your assistance is desired, rest assured that you will be asked for it.

9. If you are asked to help after the birth, this means you should clean up the house, help with cooking meals, and generally stay out of the way. Holding the baby more than the parents, interfering with breastfeeding and sleeping schedules, and making a woman who is still leaking fluid from multiple locations lift a finger in housework is not helping.

10. The only people entitled to time with the baby are the parents. Whether they choose to have you at the hospital for the birth or ask for you to wait three weeks to visit, appreciate that you are being given the privilege of seeing their child. Complaining or showing disappointment only encourages the parents to include you less.


All the Pregnant Women in the World